2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon


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2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon – English / DOWNLOAD – Windows Version 7 to Version 11

Classic version DOWNLOAD-english

Classic edition: Full game with more than 20 hrs gameplay, 5 worlds. Train maths while playing! This educational software is attractive for anyone who loves fantasy-action and likes to train his mathematical skills and the brain.

Download for Windows Version 7 – Version 11


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2weistein – The Curse of the Red Dragon is attractive for anyone who likes to train his mathematical skills and the brain, up from about 8 years till 99 – it’s always necessary to count and to train in order to have a vital brain. You need a basic knowledge of the time tables to solve the tasks and some know how of addition, substraction, multiplication and division. To make it easy to success there are different levels, automatically adapted to the specific knowledge of the player. Some tasks help as well to control impulsiveness, hyperactivity and inattention, others train the short-term memory and concentration. And many more skills and challenges …!
This award-winning game was produced with native professional English speakers, story and tasks are written and told, so that you can follow easily. Contents were proved by professionals, teachers and psychologists and evaluated with children and adults.You will be surprised how much you love maths! You can play the game with the keyboard or with your controller.

2weistein Gameplay Video

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Download the “Handbook for Heros”

System requirements:

OS: PC: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Min. 1 GB Free RAM – Disk space: Min. 1 GB
Processor: Pentium IV Prozessor or compatible mit 2 GHz , 16 Bit
(no Celeron-SingleCore-support)
Sound: 16 Bit Soundcard, Speakers, Stereo Graphics card: Needs a 3D Graphics card with min. 64 MByte GRAM, DirectX 9 and up compatible
MS Direct-X Version 9 and up